Sorry for the Long Absence

I Had a Case of “Santa Spine”
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Sorry for the Long Absence – I Had a Case of “Santa Spine”

If you have been following this blog, you probably noticed a dearth of new posts since mid-December.  The reason was an unfortunate case of “Santa spine.”  Like Santa Claus in the movie “The Santa Clause,” I fell off a ten-foot ladder while decorating for the holidays.  Unlike the movie, I survived.  I did, however, end up with an ambulance ride to the local emergency room where I was diagnosed with a compression fracture of the spine, a couple of other broken bones, and an assortment of scrapes, bruises and contusions.   As a result, I was unable to work for a couple of months.  

I had already written a number of blog posts written for specific dates, however, and plan to post some of them anyway.  Therefore, for the next few months I will be playing catch up, and the titles will say “scheduled to be posted” on the relevant dates in December and January.    I think you will still enjoy them.  I am also posting something written by a spine specialist in Minnesota that, it turns out, is pretty good advice.

Tom A. Jerman