An and Enki

The earliest New Year’s or Midwinter ceremonies were in Mesopotamia

St. Nicholas, Part II:

St. Nicholas’ years as a saint had begun to resemble Elvis Presley in his Ed Sullivan days.  Just as Elvis was one of the most popular singers in the nation, Nicholas was one of the most popular saints

Are You Ready for Krampusnacht?

The evil helpers of St. Nicholas–Klaubauf, Cert, Houseker, Hans Trapp, Beelzebub, Pere Fouettard, and Schmutzl, among many others–often get a bad rap.  Granted, they are typically monstrous beings of the underworld with animal parts such as horns, fur, hooves, tails, and foot-long tongues who threaten to beat, kidnap or otherwise dispose of naughty children.

St. Nicholas of Myra, Part I:

For those of you to whom the title of this post sounds vaguely familiar, it’s a variation of “How Can You Be in Two Places at Once Where You’re Not Anywhere at All,” the title of a 1969 album by an improvisational comedy troupe, The Firesign Theatre. 

Advent: The Christmas Holiday That Gets No Respect

The Christmas Holiday That Gets No Respect Until the Great Schism of 1054, the world’s Christians could be divided into the Western Church, which became the Roman Catholic Church, and the Eastern Church, which became the Eastern Orthodox Church.